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Memphis, Tennessee District 90 Candidate: Anya Parker

Everyday I find myself thinking about how I can make Memphis a better place. As a salon owner, over the years my clients have come to me because I am a great listener and I offer solutions to help them with real-life issues. Receiving a service at my salon is more than simply getting a new hairstyle; it is a lifestyle change as well. Many of my clients face an array of issues such as unemployment, housing, and healthcare. I kept asking myself how do I help my clients with these issues? The answer I kept coming up with every time was to change policies that directly affect our children and our environment.

The turning point for me was Jan 2018 when our elected officials presented HB 1809 and SB2255, which would have been detrimental to 57,000 TN Licensed Beauty Professionals. I began organizing with business owners, constituents and elected officials all over TN. Together, we were able to stop this dangerous legislation. Immediately afterwards I went back to college to study law, started receiving political training, and began speaking at public events about political policies.

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The story of Anya

The time before the change.

  • 1973

    She Paved the Way

    Anya's greatest example of a leader was her grandmother, Sarah H. Johnson, the first African-American city councilwoman to be elected in Greenville, MS.

  • 2003

    Graduate of Northside High School

    As a graduate of Northside High School, Anya holds children's access to quality education to a high esteem. She believes that quality education should be achieved through programs and resources that will properly prepare the youth for the workforce as well as other impending educational opportunities.

  • 2010

    Beauty and Politics

    Anya is an advocate for community. Through her interactions as a hairstylist, Anya heard about the many faults of the system within the community and took action. Anya hosted a number of drives, workshops, and other communal events to combat homelessnes and bring awareness for the less fortunate.

  • 2018

    Deregulation of Cosmetology and Barbering

    In 2018, a legislation was proposed that would have dismantled 55,000 professional beauty careers. Anya felt it was her duty to galvanize beauty professionals to fight deregulation. Her efforts were successful and she was able to prevent the termination of several hard working individuals.

  • 2020

    Fresh Leadership

    Anya continues to express admiration for her community through serving Women of Brown (WOB), a non-profit organization dedicated to serving women and children in need.

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